Caribbean Philosophical Association 

Shifting the Geography of Reason




Executive Officers

President Nelson Maldonado-Torres
Vice President Michael Monahan
Co-Director of Publications and
Chair of the Committee on Translations
Marina Banchetti-Robino
Editor of the C.L.R. James Journal and
Secretary of Pan-Caribbean Initiatives
Paget Henry
Legal Counsel Charles Nissim-Sabat
Chair of the Committee on Prizes and
President Emeritus
Lewis Gordon
Co-Director of Publications and
Vice-President Emeritus
Clevis Headley


Kathryn Gines
Secretary of Africana Women in Philosophy

Brinda Mehta
Secretary of the Indo-Caribbean
Patrick Goodin
Secretary  of Ancient Philosophy
Charles Mills
Secretary of Gender Studies
Jane Gordon
Secretary of Political Theory 

Marilyn Nissim-Sabat
      Secretary of Phenomenological Studies          in the Caribbean

Stephen Haymes
Secretary of Philosophy of Education and Pedagogical Studies
Sathya Rao
Secretary of Francophone Regions and
Member of Committee on Translations

Joan Jasak
Secretary of Technology and Scientific Media

Neil Roberts
Secretary of Social and Political Thought
Chike Jeffers
Secretary of Graduate Students
Kristin Waters
     Secretary and Chair of Gender Studies           in the Caribbean 
Clarence Shole Johnson
Secretary of Philosophy and Human Rights


BIOS - Executive Officers

Nelson Maldonado-Torres is an Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. He specializes in critical theorizing and decolonial thought, and is interested in the epistemological basis and ethico-political implications of ethnic studies and related fields or projects, such as Africana Studies, Gender and Women Studies, and indigenous universities in and outside the United States. Dr. Maldonado-Torres has been Co-Chair of the Religion in Latin America and the Caribbean Group at the American Academy of Religion, and has served in the board of the Hispanics Group at the American Philosophical Association.  He is President of the Caribbean Philosophical Association, and is one of the organizers and signatories of the initiative to create a Latina/o Academy of Arts and Sciences in the United States. Read more…

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Michael Monahan earned his Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Illinois in 2003 and took a teaching position in the Philosophy Department at Marquette University in the fall of that year. He specializes in social and political philosophy, with a special focus on philosophies of race and racism. He has published in Philosophia Africana, Social Theory and Practice, Philosophy in the Contemporary World, and the Journal of Philosophy and Sport. His book, On Becoming White: Race, Reason, and the Politics of Purity (forthcoming, Fordham University Press), offers a challenge to the contemporary discourse on the nature of race and racism, beginning with a re-reading of the history of 17th century Barbados and pointing ultimately toward a paradigm of liberation beyond "the politics of purity." Dr. Monahan attended the first meeting of the Caribbean Philosophical Association in 2004 in Barbados, and has not missed a meeting since. He was honored to accept the responsibility and challenge of becoming Vice-President of the organization, and looks forward to working with the President, the Board, and the Membership to ensure that the CPA continues to build upon its past success as we continue our collective struggles to shift the geography of reason. Read more...

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Marina P. Banchetti-Robino is Associate Professor and Chair of the Philosophy Department at Florida Atlantic University. Her areas of research include phenomenology, philosophy of language, philosophy of science, philosophy of mind, and semiotics. Read more…

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Paget Henry is Professor of Sociology and Africana Studies at Brown University. His specializations are Dependency Theory, Caribbean Political Economy, Sociology of Religion, Sociology of Art and Literature, Africana Philosophy and Religion, Race and Ethnic Relations,  Poststructuralism, and Critical Theory. He has served on the faculties of S.U.N.Y. Stony Brook, University of the West Indies (Antigua) and the University of Virginia. Henry is editor of The C.L.R. James Journal and co-editor of the Routledge series Africana Thought. He is also an external examiner for the University of the West Indies and the University of Guyana.  His awards and fellowships include Research Fellow at the Bildner Center for Western Hemispheric Studies, Research Fellow at the Center for Inter-American Relations, and a Ford Foundation Grant. Read more…

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Dr. Charles Nissim-Sabat is admitted to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and all state and federal courts. Before becoming a lawyer, Dr. Nissim-Sabat was a Research Associate in High Energy Physics at Columbia University and at the University of Chicago and Chairman of the Physics Department at Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, 1973-1992. He has 20 publications in Nature, The Physical Review, The Physical Review Letters, Nuclear Instruments and Methods, Physics Letters , and the Proceedings of the International Conference on High Energy Physics, among other journals. Dr. Nissim-Sabat's patent prosecution experience has been in the area of prosecuting methods and devices dealing with electronics, optics, printing, aerosol sizing, and other mechanical endeavors. His primary responsibility is in specification research and writing and responding to Official Actions issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Read more…

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Lewis Gordon is Laura H. Carnell Professor of Philosophy At Temple University. Professor Gordon works in the areas of Africana philosophy, philosophy of culture, philosophy of human and life sciences, phenomenology and philosophy of existence, social and political philosophy, philosophy of education, and philosophy of religion and Afro-Jewish Studies. He is Ongoing Visiting Professor of Philosophy and Government at the University of the West Indies at Mona, Jamaica; and President Emeritus of the Caribbean Philosophical Association. Read more…

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Clevis Headly is Chair and Associate Professor of Philosophy, Director of the Master in Liberal Studies program, and Director of Ethnic Studies at Florida Atlantic University. His areas of speacialization include Frege, Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy of Language, Epistemology, Africana Philosophy,  and Social and Political Philosophy. Read more…

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